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Company Profile

Sprint Mortgage, INC. founded, developed, and organized by a group of experienced mortgage loan servicing professionals in 1985 is a field servicing company, which provides a variety of verifications and inspection services nationwide. Sprint Mortgage, INC. offers owner occupancy verifications, property inspections, default interviews, drive-bys, merchant site verifications, business site verifications, and insurance loss drafts.

Since 1985, Sprint Mortgage, INC. has grown to be one of the most technologically advanced and respected field servicing companies in the industry. Coupled with personalized attention and computer system integration, Sprint Mortgage, INC. can significantly reduce time and cost for our customers. Using industry standard methodology, we can import request data and export results data (EDI) from our web site. Sprint Mortgage, INC. will give you the best of all worlds... Experienced professionals, innovative technology, quality reporting at competitive rates and Sprint Mortgage, INC. is totally dedicated to serving your specific needs.

Our Mission

To keep you as a satisfied customer for years to come, not just a few months. Our experience and commitment to service excellence is your assurance of complete satisfaction.

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